Our 2023 Senior Living Budgeting Checklist includes a complete breakdown of these must-have technologies with a list of features and budget checklists to consider when building your budget. It provides real information on the costs you may expect when upgrading your community’s technology using a 100-unit independent and assisted living community as a template.

In January of 2022, Senior Housing News reported that COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of technology within senior living for two reasons:

  1. To streamline existing caregiver workflows; and
  2. Allow residents to maintain their independence for as long as safely possible.

A few technologies are bubbling to the top of the priority list for senior living: life safety, entertainment, engagement, and tech support. Technology is changing fast, and it’s hard to keep up with enhancements and their costs.

To help, Sentrics has identified the must-have features for each technology, complete with feature and budget checklists based on a 100-unit community that offers assisted and independent living services.