Serving over 7500 communities, Sentrics stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for the senior living sector. Our platform offers a complete array of services aimed at boosting resident entertainment and engagement, enhancing staff productivity, and ensuring life safety. Crafted with the unique needs of senior living operators in mind, our integrated suite empowers data-driven decisions for improved operations.

The result? Enhanced outcomes, minimized risks, and a superior experience.


Sentrics 360 Vision Wheel Ecosystem

The Sentrics mission statement: 

Provide owners and operators the capabilities to more effectively and efficiently promote resident quality of life – and family peace of mind – through data-driven insights powered by our life safety, health & wellness, engagement, and entertainment technologies.

Sentrics started with a single mission: to revolutionize senior living communities.

Sentrics360SM suite empowers operators to enhance resident engagement, TV/phone/ internet, and life safety all through a single data-driven platform. The components of Sentrics360 (Entertain, Engage, and Ensure) make an integrated purpose-built platform, for senior living. The outcome:

The Sentrics vision aligns with five core objectives:

  • Improve resident and patient experience, safety and health
  • Create a better staff experience
  • Intervene and prevent adverse health events
  • Support emerging healthcare reimbursement and primary care models
  • Maximize IT ROI for senior living communities and hospitals

Over the years, we’ve proudly partnered with some of the best and most innovative solutions in senior living.

Senior TV
Robust television entertainment services tailored to aging adults and senior living centers, including automated movie playback systems, community TV message channels, high-speed Internet service, and user-friendly, energy-efficient LED televisions at fair prices.
Silversphere life safety and emergency call systems help senior living developers and operators run a better business and maximize the quality of life for their residents through technology.
Innovative, fully integrated wireless, hardwired and hybrid OneSource emergency call systems for senior living facilities, correctional facilities, hospitals, campuses and office buildings from coast-to-coast.
Allen Technologies
The proven E3 Patient Experience Platform gives hospital patients in-room access to educational content, entertainment, and medical information that puts the patient in control of the care experience, delivers integrated communications and drives clinical efficiencies to improve care quality.
Wholesale communications and entertainment solutions for the senior living industry, delivered via the award-winning CareConnect product.
Automated lighting and behavioral trending analysis to keep older adults safer at night.

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