At Sentrics we stay on top of all the technology changes in the field of cable and television.  As anyone who has upgraded their television over the last couple of months knows that the new trend is the digital TV.  As a solution provider of  retirement home TV, we take pride in keeping our customers up to date with the best technology.  Because many residents don’t have the ability to shop on their own, we have done our homework in finding the best digital TVs for nursing homes and retirement communities.  Here are just a few things that we looked at when doing our research.

Price:  Many digital TVs can be very pricey and we take that in consideration.  While many times you “get what you pay for” this isn’t always true when buying a TV.  With this being said, we look at everything that comes with the TV and compare that to other brands.

Picture Quality:  Like our previous article on finding the best LCD TV we test all of our televisions before recommending them to our clients.  For senior citizens we take picture quality very serious, as many people tend to lose their vision as they age.  With this in mind we only recommend digital televisions with great picture quality.

Extras:  Anyone who is in a retirement home knows how the TV industry has changed over the years.  As technology progresses, so do TVs.  Some of the newer Digital TVs are full of extras that make life easier for the user.  With the ability to hook up to multiple devices and the ability to conform to the user, we look for models that best fit the senior citizen niche.

With this being said, below is a list of the Best Digital TVs for Retirement Communities.

1. Sentrics Entertain360

After years of dealing with a variety of different TVs we took all the knowledge and feedback from customers and created our own.  We might be biased, but we have the right to be as we have taken all the things that senior citizens look for in a TV and built our own brand.  Entertain360 is the ONLY Digital TV on the market customized for the TV needs of residents in nursing homes, assisted living and retirement communities.  With great picture quality, awesome sound and easy to use extras this is the cream of the crop among digital televisions.

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2. LG 42PN4500 42 inch Plasma Television

The LG plasma television has a plasma rating of 720p with a ratio of 16:9. The HDTV has 600Hz and can be seen from various places in a room. The overall view when watching cable or movies is superb due to the HDTV component. The refresh rate is high which will help to eliminate a blur from changes to scenes when watching a movie. The television is energy star efficient which means it will help to save you money over time.

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3. Seiki LC 32G82 32″ LCD TV

The Seiki LCD television is going to enhance the overall quality of picture that you are used to with a high definition view. The impressive audio and video quality due to the 1080p high definition resolution is great for movies and shows. The television comes with 2 built in surround speakers that when combined with other surround sound, will make the movies and shows as if you were right there when being filmed.

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4. LG 42LN5700 42 inch 3D 1080p LED LCD TV

The LG smart TV has a interactive remote that lets you pick and choose what you want to watch. You simply point the remote and click to use it with the unique voice mate that allows you to speak to your television. The television is able to recognize what you are saying and will change the channel to the desired channel without the need to push a button.

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5. Samsung UN19D4003 19 Inch LCD TV

The LCD television by Samsung might be smaller than most however it packs just the same amount of punch into the small television. Ideal for retirement homes that need an extra television or for people who are limited on the amount of space they have.

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