Remember how easy it used to be to operate a television before remotes became a standard feature? You turned it on, adjusted the antenna, changed the channel manually, and watched.

Today, watching television is way more complicated. Many of your residents may struggle to use the small-button remote to turn on and operate their TVs. Others may not remember how to use advanced features such as third-party DVR.

When watching TV becomes complicated, residents get frustrated – with the TV, the remote, the DVR system, and yes even the community. Your staff will try to help, but they aren’t always equipped with the right knowledge or time to troubleshoot TV problems.

The Frustration of Basic Television 

Residents using a community-offered television service are often disappointed. The basic service includes the constantly scrolling guide with limited ability to scroll up or down through channels. If you’ve ever tried to use the TV guide in a hotel room, you’ve experienced this type of guide.

Now that most newspapers have substantially shrunk or deleted notices of upcoming television shows, it is difficult for residents to find the TV schedule. Basic systems only let them see the channel lines up now or in the next hour, not what’s going to be playing this coming Saturday.

Frustration quickly ensues.

Residents who previously subscribed to premium movie services and television shows before they moved into a senior living community aren’t going to enjoy limited basic service. They will grow frustrated and look quickly to add enhanced entertainment and third-party DVR services at their own cost and expense. This adds complexity to the way the TV works and leads to more troubleshooting and technical support for your staff.

Typically, residents lack the knowledge to install third-party DVR services, high-definition or SmartTV or movie services. They rely on their adult children – or the community’s staff – to help them connect a set-top box, pair a complicated DVR remote to the TV and teach them how to use the service.

Support time increases when a set-top box needs to be rebooted, when the TV is on the wrong input, or when help is needed with a remote.

Boost Satisfaction with an Enhanced Entertainment Option

Enhancing your entertainment options is a fast and easy way to support resident satisfaction. Simplified  DVR, interactive guides, and ancillary services improve entertainment for everyone.

Savvy operators are offering enhanced entertainment with intergrated DVR services that allow residents to record movies and shows for playback on a schedule friendly to them. They can watch whatever they want when they want with ease.

These next-generation systems are similar to the options residents enjoyed in their homes before they moved in, and what they expect.

In addition to DVR services, today’s enhanced entertainment systems include an easy-to-use guide and a senior-friendly remote. An interactive and intuitive guide allows residents to see the entertainment offered throughout the day, not just at the hour they choose to view the guide. The easy-to-use remote makes it easy to record any TV show.

When evaluating enhanced entertainment options, consider those that offer:

  • Simplified DVR.  Look for a TV platform with a DVR that provides the same features they are accustomed to from home but designed for higher acuity levels
  • An interactive and intuitive guide. Make sure the platform has a modern program guide that offers a choice of display modes with larger font for the visually impaired, provides the ability to scroll through channels forward and backward easily, and displays upcoming shows.
  • Senior-friendly remotes. Look for a big-button remote that your residents can see and use easily.
  • Voice-controlled channel selection. Voice control has moved into all aspects of our lives. Why not give residents the option to control their TVs with their voices too?
  • Optional add-ons such as Internet, voice, and engagement technology that benefit the resident and the community.


Competitive Advantage: Enhanced Entertainment with Integrated DVR

More and more senior living communities are upgrading to modern television services that include DVR, interactive, easy-to-use guides, and remotes that use big buttons or voice control. When they do, they increase resident satisfaction and eliminate much of the technical support needed for older internal systems and third-party television services.  This removes staff from the TV support role and gives them more time to provide a higher level of care. Offering enhanced entertainment services also gives communities a competitive edge when recruiting residents.

Curious about enhancing entertainment options for your residents? Learn more about the entertainment options from Sentrics by clicking here.