Dallas-based Sentrics wants to revolutionize the future of senior living. CEO Darin LeGrange knows that technology can do more for the sector because he and his team have already made it work in healthcare.

That’s why the fast-growing company, founded in 2016, has acquired and integrated five companies into a single entity. Together, they make up an integration of technology companies that deliver data-driven solutions for senior living.

It was “no small effort,” LeGrange admits. “We’ve grown very strategically, acquired selectively, and integrated multiple technologies successfully,” the CEO told us. And unlike most of its competitors, which focuses on one segment of the market, Sentrics has expanded its breadth across multiple product segments.

The company’s sixth and most recent acquisition was announced just last week. Luna Lights, which employs trip-tracking tech to keep seniors safer, will join Sentrics’ lineup of acquisition. Already on the list is Ciscor, Silversphere, SeniorTV, Esco Technologies, and Allen Technologies.

“Acquisition is part of our makeup, and we will continue to acquire companies to help give [senior] communities that all-important 360-degree view of their residents’ needs,” LeGrange says.

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