Please join Sentrics at the McKnigh’t Product Theater to learn more about our Sentrics’ Ensure and Enrich solutions. These solutions are transforming senior living communities through an integration of Real-time Location Services (RTLS) and advanced analytics. This powerful combination is revolutionizing the way senior living communities manage Net Operating Income (NOI) and enhance resident care. Ensure’s RTLS technology provides precise location insights, significantly improving resident safety and streamlining staff deployment.

Meanwhile, Enrich leverages advanced analytics to enable communities to proactively respond to evolving healthcare needs, customize services and utilize resources with greater efficiency. Together, these platforms create a synergistic effect. They not only elevate the standard of care but also drive NOI through operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and heightened resident satisfaction. Sentrics’ commitment to a holistic, data-driven approach is shaping the future of senior living, ensuring that care is both compassionate and technologically advanced.