In an era where digital advancements are constantly reshaping our experiences, the integration of modern set-top box and television technology has emerged as a cornerstone for enhancing the quality of life in senior living communities. This webinar will delve into the potentially transformative impact of contemporary entertainment solutions on creating a dynamic and interconnected ambiance for residents.

Attendees will learn about:

Access to entertainment: Emphasizing the importance of providing older adults with a broad spectrum of entertainment options, from live TV and streaming services to on-demand content and digital channels, ensuring that they enjoy a variety of choices that cater to their interests and preferences. Ease of use: Highlighting the significance of user-friendly interfaces designed to empower older adults to navigate their television systems independently. Attendees will learn about the benefits of simplified remote controls, voice commands and options for larger text, all aimed at accommodating residents who have different levels of technologic savvy. Personalization: Exploring the potential for residents to customize their TV-viewing experience to align with their individual tastes, thereby facilitating easier access to their preferred content and enhancing their overall satisfaction with entertainment technology. Health and safety features: Addressing the integration of health and safety functionalities, such as emergency alerts, medication reminders and health-monitoring applications. Those features not only aid older adults in managing their health more efficiently but also offer reassurance to both the residents of senior living communities and their caregivers.


Brian McWade, CPO at Sentrics