Many people believe that aging means becoming weaker, becoming less independent, and having a reduced quality of life. Healthy aging is affected by many factors, some of which are beyond your resident’s control, such as genetics. However, with the right technology and environment, the later years of life can be among the most rewarding. Your community is responsible for providing that to its residents. 

According to a new report from the Center for Discovery and the John A. Hartford Foundation, there are five keys to providing a healthy aging model. In order to identify these keys, the report conducted 20 hours of interviews, on-site visits, document reviews, and outcomes assessments. These keys help communities set up a care model that is resident-centered helping them live independently with integrity.

  1. Evaluation
    Providing a healthy aging model for your residents begins with evaluating their physical and mental wellbeing on an ongoing basis. Traditionally this would mean your community would need to have staff ask residents how they are doing and record their answers manually, tracking the data over time. Today, however, technology can assist your community in the evaluation process.

    Consider a platform that uses sophisticated analytics to correlate thousands of data points to determine if a resident is sleep-deprived, discouraged, mad, sad or happy. These same technologies can come equipped with survey tools that help your staff stop guessing and help them encourage growth in your residents.
  2. Schedule
    A schedule that includes physical activity and a consistent sleep routine is the second key to a healthy aging model. In the past, this involved paper sign-up sheets, paper calendars, and bed checks. Those time-consuming tasks are a thing of the past thanks to technology.

    You can empower your residents with new platforms that allow them to sign up for activities, track their daily schedules, meals, and even the weather of their community right from their TVs. The passive monitoring system will allow your staff to know when residents have gone to bed, and even how well they slept the night before.
  3. Socialization
    Providing a healthy aging model requires meaningful socialization with staff, friends, and family.  While no engagement technology can replace one-to-one communication, technology can improve the experience your residents have inside and outside of your community. Helping them become more engaged with your staff and the other residents in your community.

    Today’s engagement is very personal. It means combining health and wellbeing knowledge with the ability to provide the right activities at the right time to engage each resident on their terms.
  4. Nutrition
    As in all stages of life, a healthy and nutritious diet is very important to a healthy aging model. It’s not enough to hire the right kitchen staff and select the right dining programs.

    The use of engagement technology can show your residents what meals are served in your community, and it can even nudge them to try healthier options. This software can also free up your staff to spend more time with residents by eliminating printing and distributing paper menus.
  5. Environment
    An adaptive environment that allows for independent engagement is the final key to a healthy aging model. Your staff can passively monitor your residents with new life safety platforms that support Real-Time Location Services (RTLS).

    Your staff can know when you residents are awake and moving around for the day, as well as when they walk away from a needed medical device like a walker. All while your residents maintain their independence and dignity.

Time to embrace a new aging model for your residents

The US has a growing population of older adults, and many are facing substandard options for residential care. Don’t allow your community to fall behind. Move forward with new technology in 2023 and upgrade your community for the future with Sentrics.  

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