Sentrics Expands Ensure360SM Platform with Luna Lights Acquisition

Sep 22, 2020—Sentrics, today announced the acquisition of Luna Lights, an innovative company that provides automated lighting to help keep residents in senior living communities safer and reduce nighttime fall risk. Sentrics will add the solution, which illuminates the hallway, notifies staff when residents need assistance, and includes sophisticated sleep and behavior trend reporting, to its Ensure360SMplatform. Available now, Ensure360 combines sensors, sophisticated eCall  and a robust integrated rules engine with real time location services, contact tracing and case management to help your staff anticipate and act proactively to keep residents safe, improve caregiver efficiency, and reduce the risk of adverse events, like devastating falls.

“Keeping residents safe and healthy is the number one concern of every senior living community,” says Darin LeGrange, CEO of Sentrics. “With the CDC reporting that 25 percent of seniors will fall each calendar year, we are always looking for innovative ways to keep them safe. The Luna Lights solution offers immediate security with sophisticated bed sensors that trigger nighttime lighting to turn on and off with movement. It also captures valuable data about the quality of sleep that will feed our powerful Enrich360SM solution and help caregivers anticipate resident needs.”

Sentrics, is the emerging technology leader in the senior living industry. It is helping communities nationwide transform into more sophisticated, clinically oriented, risk-management models. Last fall, Sentrics announced Sentrics360SM, a comprehensive, data-driven software suite that delivers a 360-degree data view of a resident’s physical, medical, social and behavioral health. It helps community staff and family members recognize changes in behavior and care needs so they can act preemptively to prevent adverse events. Ensure360 is the life safety solution platform for the Sentrics360 suite.

Another Sentrics360 platform, Enrich360 utilizes AI and machine learning to correlate, integrate and analyze thousands of data points daily to predict and deliver easily understandable outcomes so caregivers can avert or minimize an incident. Luna Lights currently tracks the frequency and duration of nighttime trips. It will feed that information directly into Enrich360 to identify and notify caregivers when a resident behavior has changed, which can signal an underlying condition.

Luna Lights founders Donovan Morrison and Matt Wilcox will help Sentrics integrate the products into the Sentrics360 product suite. “We founded Luna Lights with the goal of keeping older adults happy, healthy and safe without any interruption to their daily lives,” explained Donovan Morrison. “Integrating our products into the Ensure360 and Enrich360 platforms gives us the reach to help thousands of residents far faster.”