Strategic Partnership Expands Sentrics360℠ Suite Offerings at Plymouth Place

(DAYTONA, FL August 16, 2023) – Sentrics, the leading provider of technology solutions for the senior living industry, is pleased to announce an expanded partnership with Plymouth Place, a distinguished senior living community with a rich history of offering vibrant independent living and compassionate senior care in La Grange Park, Illinois. Building upon their existing relationship as a Sentrics Engage℠ client, Plymouth Place will now become a full Sentrics360, client, adding Sentrics Entertain℠ TV and Sentrics Ensure℠ RTLS Life Safety system to enhance the safety and experience of their residents.

The strategic partnership between Sentrics and Plymouth Place represents a significant milestone in the senior living industry, as it brings forth an integrated solution that unlocks better insights and efficiencies for the community. Through the seamless integration of resident engagement, TV services, and life safety within an integrated solution, Plymouth Place gains invaluable visibility into residents’ activities, while improving communication and streamlining staff workflows. With thousands of communities under its umbrella, Sentrics is renowned for revolutionizing senior care by providing technology solutions that cater to the unique needs of older adults. Sentrics360, the comprehensive suite offered by Sentrics, empowers operators to enhance resident engagement, TV/phone/Internet, and life safety in a single data-driven platform. This comprehensive approach empowers the community’s staff to deliver highly personalized services, improving satisfaction and enriching experiences for both residents and staff.

“As the senior living landscape evolves, it becomes increasingly important to embrace innovative technologies that promote a higher quality of life for residents while enabling communities to operate more efficiently,” said Peter Bailey, CEO of Sentrics. “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Plymouth Place, a community known for innovation and a commitment to enhancing the lives of residents.”

Plymouth Place has been a Sentrics Engage client since 2021, and this expansion will bring new dimensions to their residents’ lives. Sentrics Entertain TV will be implemented in the coming month, providing a diverse range of entertainment options. Additionally, Sentrics Ensure RTLS Life Safety system will be rolled out starting in December, as part of a new construction expansion of Plymouth Place. With installation complete in 2024. Deployed together, and increasingly integrated by the Sentrics Enrich data analytics platform, Plymouth Place will remain at the forefront of providing residents the opportunity to live an active and engaged lifestyle. Sentrics Enrich leverages advanced data analytics, turning thousands of data points into actionable insights that enhance resident care and wellbeing. By embracing this cutting-edge partnership, Plymouth Place reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional care and fostering a fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. This collaboration solidifies Plymouth Place’s position as a trailblazer in the senior living industry.

“We see the future of senior living integrated with technology, whether it’s a device to make seniors more comfortable, advancing safer protocols, or modalities that will enhance their active lifestyle and customer service experience.,” Katie Freese, Senior Director Support Services at Plymouth Place Senior Living. “We believe Sentrics is the right partner for Plymouth Place to advance our commitment to exemplary living.”


About Sentrics:

Serving over 7,500 communities nationwide, Sentrics stands as the premier provider of technology solutions in the senior living industry. At the core of their offerings lies the Sentrics360 suite, a solution that empowers owners and operators to effectively and efficiently enhance resident quality of life and provide families with peace of mind. This is achieved through data-driven insights harnessed by our cutting-edge life safety, health & wellness, engagement, and entertainment technologies, all thoughtfully integrated within a single community platform. The Sentrics brand includes Ciscor, Silversphere, SeniorTV, CareConnect, Luna Lights, Connected Living, and Allen Technologies. For more information, visit

About Plymouth Place:

Plymouth Place is a distinguished retirement community that honors the individual’s right to experience life to its fullest. With a history spanning over 75 years, Plymouth Place offers a rewarding lifestyle that includes true independence, daily fulfillment, and a wealth of social and learning opportunities. As the most established nonprofit community in southwestern Chicago, Plymouth Place remains a recognized landmark in La Grange Park, Illinois. Their Comprehensive Life Care plan provides residents with a continuum of care secured at predictable rates, ensuring a worry-free future. For more information, visit