Following the acquisition of Connected Living, Sentrics, which now owns and markets three engagement platforms, shared its vision for a single, integrated solution that provides a consistent and personalized engagement experience across all acuity levels while customizing the experience for each care level. Leveraging the foundation of the resident TV, the platform will offer each care level—hospital, skilled nursing, independent and assisted living and memory care—a different yet familiar way to connect with the community, friends and family, and the entire healthcare ecosystem.  

Sentrics will maintain the best features of each solution, such as Connected Living’s powerful integrations and flexible content management system and the E3 smart room approach, and expand other capabilities, such as mobile access, across care levels. It will consolidate all engagement technology onto the TV-based Engage360 platform to leverage its powerful Resident Journey wellbeing and personalization capabilities, but now also allow for ubiquitous support and capability for a resident no matter where they may be or what technology they may choose to utilize. By consolidating all engagement functionality to the Engage360 platform, senior living communities will also be able to access the power of the entire Sentrics360℠ suite, which provides a 360-degree view of each resident’s physical, medical, social and behavioral needs both stated and inferred.  

“The Engage360 integrated platform will provide one experience from the hospital bed to memory care and every step in between,” said Peter Bailey, Sentrics Chief Executive Officer. “By moving the technology into a familiar experience, operators can expand engagement to every resident, regardless of the neighborhood in which they reside, a personalized experience that is also familiar and suited to their care and experience needs.” 


Personalized Engagement at Every Resident’s Fingertips

A powerful integrated Engage360 platform will provide capabilities that no other competitor offers from a foundation that gauges resident wellbeing and nudges behavior to telehealth calls over the TV. A focus of the integration will be to provide the right amount of engagement tools for each acuity level.  

Engagement for Independent Living will look very different than engagement in skilled nursing. “The active market is emerging today and largely underserved,” said Brian McWade, the former President of Connected Living and now the Chief Product Officer at Sentrics responsible for defining the integrated engagement strategy. “Giving Independent Living residents the ability to take Engage360 throughout the community with them, switching from the TV to a smart device and back again, will be key. These residents cherish their independence, and don’t need the platform to challenge them physically or mentally. At the same time, skilled nursing patients need a lighter engagement version that does more to challenge their minds and spirits, while providing more sophisticated access to on-call physicians.” 

Assisted Living residents may have the most robust engagement solution with access to everything from menus, activities and exercises to emergency telehealth, to give them more flexibility.  


One Platform, One Experience Across Acuity Levels

By integrating multiple engagement solutions onto a single Engage360 platform, residents and family members will have a consistent and personalized experience as they move through acuity levels. While the functionality may vary, the user interface will look and react the same in each neighborhood.  

“Consistency is a key goal as we integrate technologies into a platform more powerful than the sum of any of its parts,” said McWade. “We want residents of a Sentrics-powered community to feel comfortable with the technology they have wherever they are within the community.” 


Leverage the Sentrics360 Suite

Sentrics first launched its Sentrics360 product vision in 2019 in response to the industry’s need to transition to a more results-oriented, risk-based business model that more closely mirrors Medicare and Medicaid healthcare. That vision includes providing operators with the ability to keep residents physically safe, medically well, socially connected and behaviorally engaged.   

At that time, Sentrics unveiled its plans to develop four integrated platforms that form the Sentrics360 suite to make staff more efficient, increase resident satisfaction, and reduce risk by leveraging shared data to infer actionable insights that help operators predict and prevent adverse events.  

  • Ensure360℠: RTLS-based eCall combines location, sensor and rules-based information with traditional nurse call technology to make caregivers more efficient and improve outcomes
  • Entertain360℠: Elegantly simple entertainment solutions that bundle TV, voice, Internet and DVR to create an affordable entertainment package that delights and differentiates
  • Engage360℠: Personalized engagement platform that helps residents interact with the community and family, gauge and nudge overall wellbeing, and provide fingertip access to additional healthcare services
  • Enrich360℠: An AI-based platform that uses machine learning to recognize and predict health events so that operators can act to prevent them

“Sentrics went on a rapid buying spree to acquire and integrate six leading technology companies and then launched Ensure360, Entertain360 and Engage360 in 2020. It has continued that spirit of acquisition with Connected Living,” said Peter Bailey, CEO of Sentrics. “The market is changing fast and point solutions that force understaffed communities to integrate and troubleshoot technology problems hinder an operator’s ability to move quickly. We believe that the only way to help senior living communities thrive in today’s market is to integrate “best-of” technologies and provide operators, and the rest of the industry with unique insights that help them improve care outcomes, reduce risk and create a better, more differentiating experience for residents, families and staff.”  


Sharing Need-to-Know Information

While engagement programs are designed primarily to help the resident, most solutions fail to consider the impact knowledge has for the people who surround those residents. Because every Sentrics solution collects and analyzes data about the resident, it can provide unique insights into the care needs of a resident that the naked eye will not detect. Caregivers, executive and activity directors, family members, and the entire healthcare and community ecosystem can all benefit from the insights Enrich360 provides.  

“Engage360 collects an enormous amount of data about resident activity from the number of clicks it takes to open an application to the activities registered for and not attended,” said Rick Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer for Sentrics. “While this information can provide insights into a resident’s status, it is even more powerful when we combine it with information collected from the suite of solutions. When we know that a resident wasn’t sleeping at night, and an in-room camera has detected a new hazard on the floor, our integrated platform can send a fall risk alert to the nurse desk so that someone can react before that resident actually falls.”  

COVID reporting has also heightened family member expectations of reporting. An integrated suite can give operators and family members details about how much time a caregiver spends with a resident, and if it’s time to move to a higher care level. “Many children will pay for additional access to information about ‘Mom’ to give them peace of mind, or to help identify an unmet need,” explained Taylor.  


About Sentrics

Sentrics is a technology leader in the senior living industry. It is helping communities nationwide transform into more sophisticated, clinically oriented, risk-management businesses. Its Sentrics360℠ suite creates a 360-degree view—physical, medical, social and behavioral—of the wellbeing of each resident. The game-changing suite integrates popular third-party solutions, and includes emergency call, life safety, contact tracing and case management, entertainment, whole-health engagement, and AI-based insights within a single community. The Sentrics brand includes Ciscor, Silversphere, SeniorTV, CareConnect, Luna Lights, Connected Living and Allen Technologies. For more information, visit