Free Service Implements Quickly and Puts Staff Focus Back on Residents

APRIL 20, 2020—Sentrics, the emerging technology leader in the senior living industry, provides a fourth solution in as many weeks to help senior living communities manage the impact of COVID-19. Sentrics sells a suite of services that support the physical, medical, social and behavioral needs of seniors. Through its Entertain360 division—which offers TV, phone and Internet services—Sentrics is offering a toll-free COVID-19 hotline to any senior living community that needs it—free of charge—during the pandemic. The service, which gives community operators the ability to record a message of any length and give family members the ability to access it via a toll-free phone number, saves time, and allows staff to focus on resident care.

“In distressed times, family members are hungry for information about loved ones who live in senior living communities,” said Chad Harris, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Entertain360 and Engage360 divisions. “While Community Operators want to answer every phone call personally, it just isn’t practical when they have hundreds and sometimes thousands of family contacts. The Sentrics COVID hotline, which is live in two days or less, gives operators the ability to deliver a consistent and controlled message to every family member, while keeping the focus on residential care.”

Leveraging the hotline spares the front desk from being flooded with family member calls, while giving those same family members the peace of mind that comes from having information at their fingertips.

“With nine communities, we were communicating with more than 1,000 families every day via email or phone,” said Alex Salabarria, Chief Executive Officer of Oaks Senior Living in Georgia. ”With the Sentrics hotline, we can customize a COVID update for each location and give those same family members the ability to call from anywhere in the US when it’s convenient for them. And the fact that Sentrics has offered this service free of charge, is proof that it truly understands both the financial and emotional pressure the pandemic has levied on this fragile industry.”

Sentrics, which has served the senior living community through its integrated companies for almost 40 years, has worked continuously since the outbreak to deliver solutions that ease the operational burden of pandemic management. Individual solutions include:

  • Quick-install messaging and content distribution products that provide instant messaging, direct-to-room movies, and community-to-room live event broadcasting to engage residents in new ways
  • Internet broadcasted senior exercises—chair based, chair-assisted and standing—via Spiro100 to provide safe, in-room physical activity to help residents maintain strength and balance
  • Emergency Nurse Call Kits that stand up a wireless nurse call solution in less than two hours in any powered, temporary hospital
  • COVID-19 Hotline to enable community-to-family updates via a simple, toll-free phone number

“For the Sentrics team, servant leadership isn’t just a term; it is a core element in each of our five values,” explained Sentrics’ Chief Executive Officer Darin LeGrange when asked why Sentrics is so focused on delivering these COVID-19 solutions. “We appreciate how hard communities work every day to care for someone’s loved one. We are just trying to make that job a little easier for them, and the residents in their care who are so very isolated right now.”