November 1, 2020—Silversphere, Ciscor and SeniorTV are now Sentrics. Each part of the Sentrics360SM suite, Sentrics has updated their brands to align with its integrated suite of products. The Sentrics Ensure360SM emergency call and life safety platform includes Silversphere and Ciscor technologies. Communities can now find Silversphere and Ciscor product information at SeniorTV provides the TV services for the Entertain360SMplatform. Communities can now find its expanded capabilities at

“The Silversphere, Ciscor and SeniorTV technologies are foundational to our Sentrics360 suite,” said Darin LeGrange, CEO of Sentrics. “They are critical to helping communities nationwide transform their social businesses into more sophisticated, clinically oriented, risk-management models. It’s a natural transition to align the product names and move forward as a single brand.”

The Sentrics360 suite of data-driven solutions helps senior living communities and healthcare providers deliver the highest quality of care and provide a more personalized experience for seniors and patients. Senior living operators have a 360-degree view of a resident’s physical, medical, social and behavioral status to help anticipate needs and prevent adverse events. Each solution has been a key part of the Sentrics360 suite since its launch in 2019.

Ensure360 combines real time location services, contact tracing and case management with sensors and sophisticated emergency call equipment to give community leaders, regional directors and corporate executives the tools to keep residents and employees safe and healthy. A key part of Ensure360 is its integrated data tracking and analysis to help predict adverse events and alert staff so that they can act proactively to prevent them.

The Entertain360 platform integrates TV programming, internet and voice technology to move senior living entertainment beyond traditional TV programming. Powered by SeniorTV, it gives communities the ability to customize and change TV programming lineups to meet resident and care level needs, while bundling internet and voice solutions to deliver prioritized and secure internet right to resident apartments, and sophisticated voice solutions including expanded 911 capabilities.


About Sentrics
Sentrics is the emerging technology leader in the senior living industry. It is helping communities nationwide transform into more sophisticated, clinically oriented, risk-management businesses. Its Sentrics360 suite creates a 360-degree view—physical, medical, social and behavioral—of the wellbeing of each resident. The game-changing suite integrates popular third-party solutions, and includes emergency call, life safety, contact tracing and case management, entertainment, whole-health engagement, and AI-based insights within a single community. The Sentrics brand includes Ciscor, Silversphere, SeniorTV, ESCO and Allen Technologies. For more information, please visit