No one knows better than our partner hospitals what an unprecedented year this has been. To the thousands of nurses, physicians, and ancillary care teams on the front line, and to the unsung heroes behind the scenes that keep our hospitals clean, patients fed, buildings safe and warm, and more –

We say a heartfelt THANK YOU!

As 2020 draws to a close, all of us at Sentrics sincerely thank our nation’s hospitals and your entire teams for the exceptional efforts you have demonstrated to care for your patients, communities and colleagues this year.

We are humbled by the heroism we have witnessed at hospitals across the country with whom we are honored to be partners. In a time when delivering patient-centered care has never been more important nor more tested, we are inspired by your unwavering commitment to continually seek a higher bar for patient experience.

In healthcare, we often focus our attention on the “What” and the “How.”  For patients and hospital staff, the “What” of course is the medical care itself, what patients receive from the hospital. And the “How” is how it is delivered – the expectation that care will be delivered through highly skilled medical professionals, using the latest advancements in medical technology and best practices available. And indeed both of those priorities were in clear view this year.

The power of Why

But what about the “Why”? For patients and staff, their WHY is the experience they have at your hospital. WHY does a patient choose your hospital over another one down the street? WHY does a patient leave your hospital and recommend you to their friends?

WHY does a nurse choose to come to work for your hospital over a competitor? And WHY does one hospital experience little turnover while others struggle to fill positions?

Whether it is a patient or an employee, people choose to do business with your hospital, work for you, and speak highly of you, because of the experience. THAT is the WHY! It is the bull’s eye around which we do the WHAT and the HOW.

The Sentrics Why

At Sentrics, our WHY is helping hospitals deliver on their WHY. Our passion is helping you improve the hospital experience. We are so honored to have worked this year with incredible hospital teams who — despite a pandemic, exhausting hours and heavy caseloads – never lost sight of their WHY.

We hope your holiday season is full of joy and good health. We look forward to working with you in 2021 to continue to improve the patient experience and achieve greater health outcomes.