This article is sponsored by Sentrics. In this Voices interview, Senior Housing News sits down with LE3Solutions Principal Consultant Sara Kyle to learn the four facets of senior living engagement, how operators can re-imagine their common areas and outdoor spaces to create deeper engagement and how COVID-19 has helped many communities tap into new skills that have changed the way they build community and socialization.

Senior Housing News: You have a varied background, including a PhD in kinesiology. Chart for us the journey from kinesiology to what you do now at LE3. Is there anything specific from that background that you’re able to draw on here?

Sara Kyle: I got involved in the resident world via kinesiology, starting with internships. My first experience was working in cardiac rehab, witnessing older adults come in and recover from open-heart surgeries, watching the body repair itself predominately through movement. In graduate school, I completed an internship based on senior recreation, working at a local rec center, which is where I got my feet wet in resident programming….

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