Integrated engagement. Extraordinary experience.

Putting your patients at the center of their care has never been more important. The Sentrics E3 Patient Experience Platform makes it easy for hospitals to transform the traditional patient room into an engaging, interactive smart environment. Patients gain more control over their stay, and nurses can more efficiently educate and engage patients in their healthcare.

Sentrics E3 acute care services include three key pillars designed to create a true patient-centered care journey from in-patient to post-acute care and recovery.


Patient Tested. Patient Approved.

At Sentrics, we know that listening to the voice of patients themselves is the single most powerful catalyst to making meaningful improvements in care delivery. That’s why we took the extraordinary step to create the E3 Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to bring patient voice into every aspect of our product development. Sentrics E3 is the only PFAC-certified interactive technology on the market, giving hospitals confidence they are choosing a patient tested and patient approved interactive partner.


Three pillars. One powerful platform.

Sentrics E3 - Three Pillars

Sentrics Acute Care Engagement Platform

Sentrics E3 comprises three key pillars that together transform the patient experience and enhance clinical efficiencies:

  • Control – E3 gives patients control over their hospital experience
  • Communication – E3 puts patients at the center of their health care with personalized health information and two-way communication between patients and nurses
  • Clinical efficiency – E3 integrations automate routine tasks and streamline workflows that reduce non-clinical nurse interruptions and improve care quality.

The Sentrics E3 Patient Experience Platform places the patient at the center of the care experience, from hospital stay through post-acute care recovery. The interactive, TV-based engagement platform puts patients in control of room comfort, delivers personalized, integrated communications and drives clinical efficiencies to improve care quality.

“E3 is very easy for our patients to use, whether they are requesting a guest meal, want their room cleaned, or need other services. Sentrics E3 automates the routing of those non-clinical requests so that the right department can respond quickly to patient needs, and our nursing staff can stay focused on clinical care. ”



Patient control.

In a setting where patients have little say in many of their care decisions, Sentrics E3 gives the patient control over room comfort, meal ordering, entertainment options and more without nurse intervention 24/7.


Two-way integrated communication

Keep patients educated and engaged in their healthcare and treatment, with E3’s two-way communication integrated directly into the EMR. Delivered via the patient room TV, tablet or bedside monitor, personalized health information, digital care plan, education videos and daily check-in tools ensure that patients are actively engaged through every phase of the care journey.


Acute care clinical efficiency

Transform patient rooms into interactive smart rooms that automate routine services, promote energy efficiency, and optimize health education management. E3 reduces operating costs and minimizes non-clinical nursing requests, giving your nurses more time to focus on delivering patient care.


Patient smartroom solutions.

The Sentrics E3 Patient Experience Platform takes building automation to the next level with Patient Smart Room™ capabilities that integrate into your existing systems. This integrated solution minimizes the need for care team staff intervention to handle routine tasks – saving acute care hospitals money, reducing response times, and improving patient satisfaction.

Patient smartroom solutions - Sentrics E3