In our digital age, television remains a vital source of news, entertainment, and social connection, especially for senior living communities. In Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities, TVs often serve as a lifeline to the outside world and a gateway to cherished pastimes. Recognizing the unique needs of these communities, Sentrics has designed a TV that goes beyond the consumer market to cater specifically to seniors and the facilities that serve them.

Why Standardized Tuners Matter

One key feature that sets these TVs apart is their standardized tuner. In the consumer market, there’s a wide variety of TVs, each with its own specific tuner. This variety often leads to compatibility issues when trying to connect them to different cable or satellite providers, or when trying to use external devices.

However, Sentrics’ TVs come equipped with a standardized tuner, eliminating any such issues. The standardized tuner ensures a smooth, enjoyable viewing experience, free of technical difficulties. This allows senior residents to focus on their favorite shows, not troubleshooting.

Limited Time Offer: Quality TVs at Unbeatable Prices

For a limited time, Sentrics is offering these specially designed TVs at significantly reduced prices. The 43-inch model, originally priced at $379, is now available for just $289. The 32-inch model, priced at $289, is now only $189.

And for communities looking to upgrade multiple TVs at once, Sentrics is offering an even better deal. Purchase 10 or more TVs and enjoy further discounts.

Enhancing Senior Care Through Technology

Improving the quality of life for seniors goes beyond offering excellent medical care. It’s also about providing them with quality entertainment and the opportunity to stay connected with the world around them. By equipping your community with these TVs, you’re investing in your residents’ happiness and satisfaction.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer to enhance your community and provide an exceptional viewing experience for your residents. Click HERE for more information or give us a call at (888) 988-8210.