Navigating a host of technologies from different vendors for television, DVR, Internet, voice, streaming services and community-provided engagement platforms can be challenging for residents and senior living operators alike.

When choosing a senior living community, some residents are surprised to learn that they may need to secure technology services on their own. With multiple vendors and multiple service options, a resident has too many choices and a lot of potential headaches. Add multiple hardware components and the chance for a headache increases.

Community Technology Challenges

Residents, especially those new to an area, often find it stressful to research their own vendors and negotiate charges for services like DVR, Internet, or phone services. Then they have to figure out how to make the different technologies work and work together.

Integrating multiple remotes or figuring out how to use a new voicemail system can be so complicated that even the most technical among us get frustrated. When something doesn’t work, residents often turn to staff or family, who may not have the time, knowledge or patience to help. When two or more technologies conflict, vendors may point to each other as the source of trouble, leaving residents even more frustrated. And of course, multiple vendors also mean multiple bills and credit card statements.

In the end, everyone–community operators, family members and residents–are frustrated. This can lead to lower satisfaction scores and lower census.

One Device for Integrated Entertainment

Senior living operators now have access to a single solution that provides TV, DVR, dedicated Internet, voice, third-party streaming, and engagement from a single device and the same vendor.

The Sentrics EHub replaces multiple devices with a single set-top box that the resident controls with voice commands or an easy-to-use, big-button remote.

Entertain360SM, lets you replace a standard lineup with channels your residents want and customize TV programming based on geography and level of care. With Entertain360, you can switch out programming as often as you want to accommodate time-based programming, such as sporting events.

When you put the EHub and Entertain360 together, you can deliver an enhanced entertainment package that includes DVR recording and playback as well as fast and reliable dedicated Internet access at a variety of speeds that meet individual needs while protecting data. Because the EHub also acts as a WiFi solution, it supports an unlimited number of devices for each user.

At the same time, the EHub includes a port to plug in third-party streaming devices, such as Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Firestick. It supports voice services, allowing you to provide your residents with unlimited calling, voicemail and even enhanced 911 services at a fraction of the cost residents could buy on their own.

This integrated platform also offers a way for communities to deliver engagement options for the mind, body and spirit through the resident television, using the same integrated device. Because Engage360SM leverages the same EHub technology, you can transform the resident TV into a social, health and wellness engine and provide residents with fingertip access to family, friends, the community and the healthcare ecosystem right from the TV.

Residents will have access to therapeutic playlists, senior-safe exercises and spiritual and faith-based content.

They can also access community menus and the local weather right from the TV. They can use Engage360 to request a repair or register for an event with a few clicks on the TV remote or using voice commands. Residents can even share photos and chat with their families through the TV.

Provide a Satisfying Tech Experience

Utilizing a single device helps senior living operators provide a complete entertainment and engagement solution that is more cost-effective for residents, reduces technology issues, and improves satisfaction for residents, family members and staff.

Offering a sophisticated and integrated technology package can give your community a competitive edge too.

Learn more about the Power of One and its ability to help you improve resident satisfaction today.